Celebrating MIGASHCO Events, Outstanding Organizations and Interesting Blogs


Barrick-Hemlo, 2015 (We were informed that Barrick was a family oriented company with a strong emphasis on safety and the essential need to go home safe. It was all this and more. There is much to celebrate in organizations like this and it was our honour to be asked to work with them in the Groundbreaker supervisory training session.)

Noojmowin Teg Health Centre, 2013 (It was an honour working with this dedicated team of health professionals.)

Frontrunners,2013 (This is the first graduating class from our March 2013 Frontrunner Program. Congratulations to everyone.)

Groundbreakers, August 2012(A short clip celebrating the hard work put into a learning experience by a brilliant group of Indonesian and New Caledonian professionals.)

Groundbreakers, August 2012 (Acollectionof photos and highlights.)

Communication Skills,2011 (A collection of photos and highlights from our Communication Skills course delivered for the Ministry of Natural Resources: Forest Fire Services in Sault Ste Marie)

Outstanding Organizations

Sound Sculptures Sonores (Sudbury) - for gold standard in original music and sound design for film and album production.

Vale Base Metals(Sudbury)

Science North (Sudbury)

The Ministry of Natural Resources: Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services (Ontario)

Greater City of Sudbury (Sudbury)

Canadian Cancer Society: Ontario Northeastern Region (Sudbury)

Interesting Blogs

Puttylike (A multipotentialite)

Larson’s Gallery (An artist)

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