What every front-line manager and supervisor needs to be able to do.


This workshop will appeal to those in a leadership role who need to communicate effectively with others. It enables managers and supervisors to better understand, set expectations, and accomplish goals. Emphasis is placed on listening and verbal skills. This highly interactive course focuses attention on the principle methods of effective listening, the power of clear, well-enunciated verbal skills, the practical uses of appropriate questioning, and the powerful impact of body language.

At a more detailed level participants learn to say the right things at the right time. Emphasis is placed on seeking to understand first, then be understood. Managers and supervisors build personal credibility through their ability to:

  • identify issue or problem ownership
  • deliver positive and negative feedback without leaving the other person worse off than they were
  • rephrase and reframe awkward conversations
  • keep responsibility where itbelongs

Learning Objectives

Participant will be able to:

Ummm, I see
  • Pay attention to the existence of others and created better understanding by using the five methods of effective listening
  • Understand levels of listening efficiency
  • Identify issue or problem ownership
  • Use verbal skills to clearly state and enunciate ideas
  • Use appropriate questioning methods to explore issues
  • Mutually explore issues, address problems and make decisions in an authentic and deeper manner
  • Assign work with a clear understanding of expectations
  • Use body language in a manner that supports verbal and listening skills
  • Obtain agreements and keep responsibility where it belongs


Thiscourseis competency-based and uses experiential learning techniques consistent with adult learning principles. Participants will be invited to take part in a series of discussions, collaborate in small-group work exercises, and engage in hands on activities designed to explore and practice the topics covered.


1 Day

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