Coroner's Mock Inquest

Day 2

Come experiencethe courtroom drama!


The Coroner’s Mock Inquest will appeal to anyone in an organization concerned with the consequences of their safety programs. It is especially aimed at people in, or destined for, leadership roles. This intense, one-day workshop, designed for a group of 15 - 25 people, has a major impact on the participants. Its purpose is to have participants experience the consequences of being part of an inquest.

Learning Objectives

In the Inquest participants will be able to utilize the workplace tools at their disposal, including the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), roles and responsibilities, and internal responsibility systems to aid in creating safe and productive workplaces.



The Coroner's Mock Inquest utilizes an experiential learning process involving theory sessions, discussion, hands on applications and role playing exercises to understand clearly how our actions can and do effect others in the workplace. Special attention is paid to the consequences or rewards for those actions.

Each participant will have completed the Occupational Health and Safety Act workshop. They should also come with an understanding of the specific areas they need to focus on in relation to their workplace.

After the workshop a planned review discussion on key learnings and 2 or 3 action areas would be beneficial.

This inquest experience should be immediately followed by the one-day The Tools of Due Diligence workshop.


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