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‍Counselling and Discipline

‍Workshop Description

‍This workshop will appeal to anyone in a leadership role who is responsible for the tough job of counselling and disciplining employees. It focuses on the person-centred aspects of dealing with performance problems and places a premium on restoring people to full performance levels. In counselling, the emphasis is placed on when and how to counsel employees and on using effective interviewing techniques. Discipline situations are addressed with particular attention paid to the words that work, focusing on responsibility and gaining agreements to return to appropriate and full performance levels. Both counselling and discipline are treated in a manner consistent with the policies and procedures of the organization.

‍Learning Objectives

‍Participants will be able to:

  • ‍• Prepare for a counselling or discipline interview
  • ‍• Define four types of counselling
  • ‍• Know the ten situations that require counselling
  • ‍• Conduct a counselling interview
  • ‍• Define three types of discipline
  • ‍• Use the discipline method best suited for the work environment
  • ‍• Conduct a discipline interview using the direct focus method
  • ‍• Align counselling and discipline approaches with organizational policies and procedure
  • ‍• Apply a full performance restoration strategy


‍ This workshop uses experiential learning techniques. Participants will take part in a series of discussions and engage in small-group work exercises, role-playing, and hands-on activities designed to explore and practice the topics covered. Participants will practice disciplining interviews in the safety of the learning environment.


‍1 Day (A half-day version is also available.)

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