Due Diligence Tools

Day 3

Learn how to apply what you've learned.


This one-day workshop will appeal to anyone in a leadership role, or anyone destined for a leadership role. It has been designed for a group of 10 to 20 people to give participants the tools needed improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their safety systems. It builds on the need to take every precaution reasonable to ensure the safety of workers. While the previous Occupational Health and Safety Act and Coroner’s Mock Inquest courses identified the tools to establish due diligence, this workshop provides participants with the specific tools to entrench due diligence practices - tools like inspections, accident investigations, job observations, proper task analysis etc.

Learning Objectives

Participants will tie the tools acquired from the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Coroner’s Inquest to:

  • conduct safety inspections
  • complete accident investigations
  • carry out job observations
  • perform task analyses


The workshop uses an experiential learning process involving hands on, theory sessions and discussion.


1 day

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