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‍Emotional Intelligence


‍This full-day course will appeal to anyone in a leadership role looking to strengthen their own, and their team’s emotional intelligence, particularly in relation to the strategic and tactical functions in their work environments. It starts with a self assessment and relates the results to learning experiences and key opportunities for building better relationships in and across departments. The course uses the Mood Mode Model to identify key EI indicators and to help recalibrate when things go off the rails.

‍Learning Objectives

‍Participants will be able to:

  • ‍• Recognize (with the help of a self assessment tool) their own emotional states
  • ‍• Understand the consequences of healthy and unhealthy EI to self and others 
  • ‍• Understand the dynamics of mood and how it contributes to the culture of a team 
  • ‍• Articulate the three elements of emotional intelligence to address triggers (recognize), recalibrate (recover), and build empathy (restore)
  • ‍• Use the three Rs to develop self-awareness, cultivate social-awareness, manage relationships and manage yourself
  • ‍• Live better lives


‍This course uses experiential learning techniques. Participants will be invited to take part in a series of discussions and engage in small-group work exercises to explore and practice the topics covered.


‍1 Day (A half-day version is also available.)

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