Welcome to Groundbreakers!


The Groundbreaker Program will appeal to those in a leadership role who need to coordinate and direct work, carry out the day-to-day management of their organization and work effectively with others. Groundbreakers will appeal to new and seasoned first-line supervisors or managers who value the insights of their peers and who need to:

  • explore or review their supervisory approaches,
  • align with their organization’s vision and values,
  • zero in on effective task assignment and follow-up,
  • focus on supervisory due diligence, or
  • simply prepare for a supervisory interview to look into what’s involved in the career.

Groundbreakers enable supervisors to develop stronger leadership skills, effective supervisory methods and functional teams. Emphasis is placed on participant interactions and on developing skills for safe and productive workplaces.

Each Groundbreaker course can be taken individually, or as part of a series leading to a Groundbreaker Certificate. There are two certificate levels:



The basic, five-day program, includes


The advanced, eight-day program builds on the Migashco Development Centre as a prerequisite, and includes:


Groundbreakers utilizes adult learning principles to create an interactive learning environment focussed on developing essential supervisory skills. This focus is competency-based and uses experiential learning techniques. For example, participants will be invited to take part in simulations, a series of analysis exercises, discussions, small-group collaborations and presentations.

Class sizes vary, from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 24 participants.

Learning Philosophy

MIGASHCO’s training tradition features:

  • award winning adult-educators (all with industry and training experience)
  • a commitment to adult-learning principles
  • timely updates to all course materials
  • strong connections to safety and production issues
  • on-going support

Special Considerations

Based on client demand, we also include optional features like:

  • modified course content for individual clients to help meet their organizational goals
  • modified situational exercises reflecting the client’s specific environment

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