Group Facilitation

Group Facilitation Techniques

Workshop Description

Facilitating Discussion

Lobby discussion

an essential skill for anyone in a leadership role.

Thiscoursewill appeal to those in leadership roles who need to solve problems, facilitate creative thinking, and make effective decisions. Emphasis is placed on the essential group sourcing facilitation techniques needed todeal with challenging technical or social situations. Understanding the thinking process, overcoming barriers, opening up to the flow of ideas and making sound decisions are core to this session.

Learning Objectives

Participant will be able to:

  • employ group-sourcing facilitation techniques to define problems and gather information
  • know when to use brainstorming, affinity exercises, storyboarding, etc. to harvest and organize information
  • use logic tools to explore options
  • understand the four different types of decision making strategies and their consequences
  • apply the group's knowledge to effective decision-making


Thiscourseuses experiential learning techniques. Participants will be invited to take part in a series of discussions and engage in small-group work exercises, role-playing, and hands on activities designed to explore and practice the topics covered.


Overview Version (1 day)

Thiscourseprovides an overview of the content through an interactive presentation and opportunities to practisetechniques.

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