MIGASHCO was formed in 1995 to draw on the educational capabilities and talents of leading, independent trainers and facilitators. These capabilities and talents focused on two principle areas of concern - leadership and legislation. Under leadership we continue to offer training services in human relations and project management. We also offer supporting services, from one-on-one coaching to complex assessment centre development and administration. In legislation we address training in occupational health and safety and workplace violence.


enta meg wet

Our operating principles were developed early in 1995 based on the belief that the greatest gift one person can give to another is to pay attention to their existence. We built on this belief by declaring we would be great gift givers to the people of the world, especially those we encountered directly through our training and volunteer services. We would do this by providing the attention needed to create a positive and practical learning environment for all the people we engage. We would use our experiences to:

  • enhance the world's most precious asset, human capital
  • encourage world citizenship and the pursuit of peace practices
  • support organizational philosophies that balance tough-minded productivity standards with honourable human values
  • contribute to ethical and sound decision making
  • support the philosophy of life long learning
  • respect the integrity of the learner
  • help communities and organizations meet their health, safety, productivity, people, environmental and citizenship needs

We at MIGASHCO continue to address the workplace and community needs of many organizations, from manufacturing and resource-based companies to community organizations and support groups. We are honoured to include organizations such as Vale, The Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources, The Canadian Revenue Agency, Collins Barrow, Cambrian College and many others as our clients.

MIGASHCO's future looks bright. Earlier this year we unveiled our official logo and the mottoenta meg wet, an Ojibway phrase meaning Great Gift Giver. With this development, the excitement created from our past experiences, and the dedication of our people we will continue to expand our training and facilitation services.

We will continue to be great gift givers.

2013 migashco