Individual Coaching for Front-Line Supervisors

Introducing Individual Coaching for Supervisors

This service will appeal to organizational leaders looking to support their supervisors by providingindividual coaching.

From Our Philosophy

The greatest gift one person can give to another is to pay attention to their existence.

Our commitment to professional development extends beyond group training to include individual coaching for front-line supervisors. The sessions are confidential, supervisor driven and issue specific. We also follow up on the session and provide participants with continued access to our resources.

Our experience with this process has been successful and endorsed by many managers.

Here's how the process works.

Step 1:An individual assessment meeting is held with the supervisor and, if required, endorsed by the supervisor's manager. (free)* This meeting helps:

  • establish coaching requirements
  • set date and location for coaching session(s)

Step 2:A day-long coaching session is held to addressonlythose areas identified by the supervisor and/or manager as requiring attention *

Step 3:A follow-up meeting is scheduled with the supervisor to address on-going areas of concern. (free)*

Step 4 (Optional):A free and confidential subscription to quick tips for supervisors is provided. (free)

Our coaching sessions address issues of concern in areas such as:

  • effectively communicating with others
  • assigning clear and unambiguous tasks
  • setting expectations and gaining commitments from others
  • following-up on task assignments
  • working with management
  • dealing with difficult people
  • dealing with personal stressors

* Travel and/or accommodation charges may apply depending on distances from migashco head office (usually greater that 50 Kms).

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