Michael Kelly

Michael C Kelly is a Training and Development Specialist withMigashco, a First-Nation training organization serving profit and not-for-profit organizations throughout Canada.

Experience: Michael retired in 2010 from Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology in Sudbury, Ontario. His specialties as a professor included Human Relations, Ethics and Project Management. Courses in thesefields were delivered to various organizations, including Vale, Xstrata, the Sudbury Regional Hospital, Ontario Government Ministries, Revenue Canada, various Police Services and other business and government organizations.

Michael was also actively involved in the early days of distance education, including voice and video conferences. He taught the Teachers of Adults Program through voice conferencing tostudents in Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, Germany and other world points. He continues to deliver web-based ethics courses to post-secondary students.

Michael also traded commercial paper and foreign exchange securities for six years as part of a corporate cash management team with a large Toronto-based resource company. His portfolio included $1.5 billion in cash flow, covering everything from short-term debt and investment instruments to foreign exchange and sinking funds. He also acted as a regional economic development officer in Northern Ontario and as a training consultant with the Ontario Skills Development Office.

Education: Michael holds a BA from Laurentian University and an MA from the University of Toronto. In 1990 he graduated from the University of Waterloo's Economic Development Program, where he received the Industrial Development Association's 1990 award for his paper on organizational training. Also in 1990 the First Nations Economic Development Institute of Canada acknowledged his work in incorporating training with Band Economic Development. In 2007 he received the President'sAward for Excellencefrom the Cambrian College. His clients too haveacknowledgedhis contributionsto their organizational trainingprograms.

Volunteer:In 2007 Michael took a sabbatical to studyethics. He has written on ethics, project management, training and human relation subjects. He has also vounteered with a variety of organizations, including the United Way, Sudbury Youth Orchestra, L’Arche, Red Cross and The Sudbury Community Foundations (Emerging Leaders Program).

Michael is also a songwriter and performer. His has recently relaeased two CDs,StoriesandHistories.

Michael's learning philosophy builds on the notion that the greatest gift one person can give to an other is to pay attention to their existence.

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