Mood Mode - Experiencers

by Michael C Kelly, MA

In my younger years I remember sitting through agonizingly long church proceedings alongside my grandfather. I wasn't usually paying much attention, choosing mischievous stuff instead, like trying to calculate the trajectory of a spit ball between myself and some unsuspecting alter boy. My grandfather was generally unaffected by my antics no matter how boisterous, and he never spoke to me during church proceedings … except on one occasion. A surprise tap on my shoulder drew me to my grandfather as he leaned over and whispered to me, “Son, now there’s someone who knows how to lend meaning to your life.” I had no idea what he was talking about and I often wondered in my later years what he meant. Reflecting back on his life I realize now that he must have been describing what I’ve come to call Experiencers. 


Well, that is what Experiencers do, they lend meaning to life. They create energetic, interesting and meaningful living and working places. They translate what they know into effective action and possess high emotional intelligence. They are respected, taking care never to leave anyone worse off than they found them - including themselves. For this reason they often act as mentors. Their intentions are honourable, guided by being and giving values. Experiencer’s interpersonal relationships are positive with constructive boundaries, lending themselves to transparent decision-making practices and proper responsibility assignments.   

In the end, their performance has all the hallmarks of a wise and trusted advisor.

Working with experiencers is generally momentous.

Remember, we are all Experiencers to some extent - some of us more so than others.

On how best to personally develop as an Experiencer, or to positively interact with the Experiencers in our lives and workplaces, contact

© 2011  Michael C Kelly