Mood Mode - Innocents

by Michael C Kelly, MA

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”  Ever hear these words excitedly yelled out over-and-over by your children while driving to their favourite camping spot, or to an adoring grandparent’s house? Ever feel a twinge of annoyance at their incessant energy? If so, then welcome to the exuberant world of the Innocent.

In their adult working lives Innocents create energetic workplaces. They can struggle to translate what they know into effective action and so can be seen as empty vessels, easily and sometime dangerously manipulated. Innocents may lack cerebral intelligence in relation to a task or role but more than make up for it in emotional intelligence. They are personable and usually on the look out for a wise and trusted advisor. For them a lack of understanding generates plenty of exploratory questions or resigns itself in quiet, absorbing observation. Their values orientation is honourable, based on being and giving virtues. Their interpersonal relationships reflect the attributes of a trusting protege or apprentice, creating a kind of mentor-mentee dependency. Innocents may be naive at times and can be crushed if let down.  

In the end, their performance has all the hallmarks of a loyal and reliable stalwart.

Innocents may be annoying with all their questions, but their energy is positive (unlike the Limiters or Destroyers). Working with them requires a special, nurturing patience.

Remember, we are all Innocents to some extent, at some time, and usually in relation to a particular passion - some of us more so than others.

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© 2011  Michael C Kelly