Selected Readings in Ethics

A selected list of books on ethics.

  • DeBotton, Alain. Status Anxiety. Toronto: Penguin Canada, 2004. (ISBN 0-14-301644-X)
  • Gazzaniga, Michael S. The Ethical Brain: The Science of Our Moral Dilemmas. Toronto: Harper Perennial, 2005. (ISBN 978-0-06-088473-4)
  • Hanson, Neil. The Custom of the Sea. Toronto: John Wily and Sons, Inc., 1999. (ISBN 0-471-38389-9) - This is a brilliant, exciting and riveting historical account dealing with the justice and care aspects of morality.
  • Morrow, Lance. Evil: An Investigation. New York: Basic Books, 2003. (ISBN 0-465-04755-6)
  • Stein, Harry. Ethics and Other Liabilities: Trying to Live Right In An Amoral World. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1982. (ISBN 0-312-26544-1) - This book is a bit dated but the short stories still resonate. I love how he writes of a computer as an extravagance.
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