CPQQTR - Task Assignment

by Michael kelly, MA

When assigning a task to someone with the authority1 and competency2 to carry it out, consider these essential elements in your instructions …


Defines why the tasks is required. This act of leadership is present focussed and lends meaning to a job.


Defines the value of the task. This act of leadership if future focussed and supports the context.


Defines the measure of the task, i.e. how many and how much.


Defines the standards required to complete the task.

Time (Duration)

Defines the actual time it takes to complete the task.


  • Time (calendar) - Defines the time allotted to complete the task.3
  • Material - Defined as simple, time independent consumables such as shotcrete, wall board, clamps, etc. 
  • Work - Defined as machines or people who need time (hours, days, etc.) and fuel (gas, lunch) to perform the tasks



1 Authority = where the supervisor directs or delegates the right to act in a specified way.

2 Competency = where the supervisor directs or delegates to a person with the ability to do something safely and successfully or efficiently.

3 Too little calendar time requires more other resources to complete the task. Too much calendar time leads to the Parkinson effect (all work expands to fill the time allotted to it).

© 2011  Michael C Kelly