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Workshop Description

Qualified MBTI Facilitation

Delivering for Vale's Mine Geology Department.

This workshop will appeal to anyone needing a better understanding of personality preferences and how they affect organizational effectiveness.

Half-day Workshop

  • Emphasis is placed on the sixteen psychological preferences and more specifically on the four type dimensions making up an individual’s preferred way for perceiving the world and making decisions.Practical, day-to-day situations provide the background from which to gauge these preferences. The strengths and weaknesses of each will be explored to highlight their advantages and disadvantages in specific situations.

Full-day Workshop

  • This extended workshop includes the first and provides participants with an opportunity to see how preferences work in relation to other personality types, especially around issues like time, project, change and stress management, leadership, and how team development is affected.

Learning Objectives

Participants will understand:

  • the dimensions of their own personal preferences
  • the dynamics of other people's preferences
  • the relationship between personality type and the creation of plans, the completion of tasks and attaining of organizational goals *
  • the link between personality type, leadership and team building *
  • the relationship between personality type and stress *

* applies to full-day session only


This workshop works well with groups of 10 to 50. It uses the official MBTI instruments published by Consulting Psychologists Press to ensure score reliability. The workshop includes a detailed analysis of each participant's MBTI scores. It also uses an experiential learning process coupled with small and large group discussion sessions. The full day version includes a sequence of time, leadership and team exercises organized around preferences and designed to demonstrate preferences in action.


Version 1: 1/2 Day - $1,200 + official MBTI Instrument + tax

Version 2: 1 Day - $2,000+ official MBTI Instrument + tax

Travel and accommodation costs may occur. Also, additional material costs may occur for group sizes over 24.

All migashco MBTI facilitators are qualified through Psychometrics Canada.

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