Myers Briggs - Individual

Workshop Description

Qualified MBTI Facilitation

At migashco our Myers Briggs facilitators are qualified through Psychometrics Canada.

This one-on-one workshop will appeal to anyone needing a better understanding of their own personality preferences and how they affect their personal and organizational life.

Special emphasis is placed on the four type dimensions making up an individual's personality preferences. The strengths and weaknesses of these preferences are then looked at in relation to time, stress, career, organizational and professional relationship situations. Practical examples illustrate the challenges faced in specific situations. From here the participant can take their preferences into account when designing and setting in motion their own development or mitigating strategies to deal with future opportunities and challenges.

Confidentiality is ensured in this workshop.

Learning Objectives

Participants will understand:

  • the dimensions of their own personal preferences, including their relationship to other types
  • the impact type has on career choices and development
  • the relationship between personality type and the creation of plans, the completion of tasks and attaining of personal or organizational goals
  • the relationship between personality type and stress
  • the link between personality type and team building


This one-on-one workshop uses the official MBTI instruments published by Consulting Psychologists Press to ensure score reliability. The workshop includes a detailed analysis of the participant's MBTI scores and detailed discussions on their implications for future development.


1/2 Day

2019 migashco