Networking for Professionals

Workshop Description

This workshop will appeal to the professional looking for practical approaches to networking. It helps those already comfortable in networking environments and those looking for ways to alleviate networking anxieties. It begins by exploring participants’ current networking experiences. From this, networking is defined and linked to relationship building. Two principal, networking environments are then explored – the fluke and the focused. On the practical level the workshop identifies five fatal networking mistakes. Finally, it helps professionals start or renew their networking experiences by following five practical approaches. These approaches address issues around:

  • Creating impressions with an appropriate look and interesting conversational content
  • Treating people respectfully, fairly and equally
  • Maintaining a talk/don’t talk balance in communication
  • Authenticity and sincerity
  • Preparedness

The workshop is infused with tips and other useful suggestions.

Learning Objectives

Participant will be able to:

  • Define networking
  • Avoid the five principle networking mistakes
  • Utilize the five practical approaches to effective networking
  • Employ a series of tips to help ‘get your name out there’


Participants will be invited to engage in a series of discussions, large group simulations and small group role-plays designed to explore and practice the material covered.


1/2 day

2019 migashco