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‍Performance Reviews


‍This course will appeal to anyone in a leadership role responsible for conducting employee performance reviews.
The course focuses on the review narrative to manage expectations, identify key outputs, develop enabling strategies and provide support. The methods used in the course apply to all performance review strategies, whether one-on-one, 360, or group sourced. 

‍Learning Objectives:

‍Participants will be able to prepare for a performance review interview by:

  • ‍• Understanding why supervisors and managers avoid performance reviews
  • ‍• Linking performance reviews to leadership and decision making
  • ‍• Understanding the dynamics of accountability and responsibility
  • ‍• Distinguishing between performance accounting and performance effectiveness
  • ‍• Using the success and challenge method to develop a performance narrative and support existing performance review systems
  • ‍• Contributing to a person’s overall success in a team and an organization


‍This course uses experiential learning techniques. Participants will be invited to take part in a series of discussions and engage in small-group work exercises, role-playing, and hands on activities designed to explore and practice the topics covered.


‍1 Day (A half-day version is also available.)

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