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‍Project Management

‍Workshop Description

‍This course will appeal to leaders who are or will be working on projects, or as a prerequisite to computer-based project management courses. It is organized in a manner consistent with project management standards and addresses six essential questions every project team needs to answer. These answers speak to the requisite aspects of managing a project’s life cycle especially in:

  • ‍• Clarifying the language and concept of project management
  • ‍• Building a commitment to a project plan and establishing team roles
  • ‍• Determining the logic of the project
  • ‍• Controlling and tracking the project’s progress
  • ‍• Learning from the project experience

‍Strong emphasis is placed on the use of tools to guide and track the project. These help complete projects with a cooperative team on time, on spec and on budget.

‍Learning Objectives

‍Participants will be able to:

  • ‍• Build project commitment - complete with a project charter.
  • ‍• Use critical path and critical chain methods to establish a project’s logic and to produce a project plan. 
  • ‍• Apply scheduling techniques to achieve key project milestones and to assign and adjust resources.
  • ‍• Monitor and track project performance.
  • ‍• Prepare quantitative and qualitative project evaluations.
  • ‍• Use project management tools to guide them through the project life cycle.


‍Participants are encouraged to bring real project ideas to the course (some may already be developed and carried forward from our Innovation course). They are invited to participate in a series of exercises designed to produce a complete, thumb-nail project plan for greater elaboration in their work environments..


‍2 Days

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