R. Gail Kelly, Owner and CEO

Gail Kelly is a life-long learner who specializes in adult education. She has previous experience as an instructor for the Teachers of Adults Programs and the Ontario Management and Development Programs at Cambrian College. While holding the position of Education Assistant at the Glenn Crombie Centre for Disability Services, she earned the designation of Learning Disability Specialist in both Learning Strategies and Assistive Technologies. At Migashco she assesses and administers our highly-regarded Migashco Development Centre (MDC).

Education as a Life Skills Coach proved valuable at the Industrial Trades Centre for Women where Gail recruited, supervised upgrading and taught Personal Growth. On the other hand, Gail’s education in Management Accounting and experience in that business field keeps us running smoothly.

Gail also volunteers on a variety of boards, her most recent being as the bookkeeper and activity organizer for the Rockview Older Adult Club.

Values Statement

MIGASHCO is guided by Anishinabek values and driven by the following gift-giving virtues.


In Anishinabek communities, offerings to the Great Spirit are expressed through love of oneself. This love builds on 'being' values and makes it possible to love others. MIGASHCO, by extension, helps others articulate this virtue by enabling individuals to develop through effective communication and an ability to be assertive.


Respect is both earned and given when seeking balance in relationships – especially in adulteducation. Guidelines of courtesy, sharing, and confidentiality are prime values.


As quality educators, we also learn from our students as they share their experiences with ours. In turn, we pass on the benefit of knowledge acquired in each training session.


It takes mental and moral strength to overcome fears that prevent us from living our true spirit as human beings. Education meets the challenge of life’s tests with integrity.


To be truly honest is to keep promises made to others and to oneself. We promise to present each topic with the most up-to-date and relevant information that each of our clients requires.


We who seek knowledge develop wisdom as we attempt to share our information, gifts, and skills. Our goal is contribution to the development of a peaceful and healthy community through coaching and leadership.


To know and understand these seven natural laws is the basis of a quality relationship between us, our clients and the universe.

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