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If growth and progress are what we need to get out of our crisis,then it will be found not through managerial attitudes but throughthe release of talents.

- John Ralston Saul

Wondering if your experienced employee has what it takes to be a great supervisor? Looking to develop your existing supervisory skill sets? The Migashco Development Centre (MDC) offers a full range of behaviour and cognitive services, supported by precise, consistent and industry-approvedalgorithms, and designed to assist in your selection ordevelopmentprocesses. Our goal is your goal… to select and develop top-tier supervisors in your operations. To do this we:

  • meet or exceed international assessment centre standards,
  • help individuals set a base-line for their personal supervisory development,
  • address the specific goals of organizations,
  • reflect the real world of the employees, and
  • validate the core competencies of a supervisor's role.

Our process is customizable, effective, timely and affordable.

We work as a team to address all your development centre needs - from designing relevant exercises to administering and scoring the event, to unwrapping the results with each participant.

Fast and reliable reports are generated to aid in individual development.

We offer thirty-one years experience in designing and administering development centres.

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