Working Together

Breakout Group

Breakout Group

Michael with an awesome team of New Caledonian and Indonesian engineers.”This was a world-inspiringgroup, filled with purpose, energy and creativity. It was an honour to be with them in our week-long program."

Workshop Description

This workshop will appeal to anyone working in an environment where healthy group coordination and cooperation is prized or needs to be aligned. It looks at how groups evolve, how dissent is fostered in healthy and unhealthy ways, how a service focus provides meaning, and how complaints and gossip can be redirected in positive and functional ways. The workshop provides participants with three simple guiding models to help understand how groups form and evolve, how mood affects performance and how drama poisons environments. It also focuses on realistic applications to help people sustain effective working relationships. These include conversation anddiscussion gear shifting, acknowledgement statements, reframing and redirection.

This course is particularly important to groups or teams looking to check in on themselves for the purposes of assessing and improving overall performance.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand how groups evolve relative to performance
  • Understand the dynamics of mood and how it affects working environments
  • Understand the leadership qualities engendered in service
  • Recognize drama triangles and apply appropriate communication techniques to avoid them.
  • Use a gear shifting communication style to work through difficult conversations.
  • Apply reframing and redirection techniques to harmonize conversations and to work effectively together.


This workshop is competency-based and delivered in an experiential manner. Participants will be invited to engage in a series of affinity exercises, small grouppresentations and interactive discussions, and small group role-plays designed to explore and practice the material covered. The workshop if completely adaptable for specific groups, allowing them to focus on specific meeds or issues.


Overview Version (1 day)

This workshop provides an overview of the content through an interactive presentation.

Comprehensive Version (2 days)

This workshop provides an opportunity to practice the skills in class with helpful evaluation by the participants and the trainer.

Intensive Version (4 days)

This version provides intensive situational challenges requiring individual and team responses, each constructively evaluated by the participants and the trainer.

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