I Saw Your Face Today

Recently I’ve been receiving friend requests from people who’ve been dead for years. I’m not sure if it’s a flaw in Big Brother’s algorithm worrying the paranoid in me, a tactic derived from a marketers’ morality to feed the cynic in me, or some sort of spiritual intervention aggravating the doubter in me, but it’s weird, and yet worthy of reflection. Pay particular attention to Kevin’s poem in the middle, then ponder … and enjoy.

I Saw Your Face Today on my DAW  😉

Listen to the song at https://michaelckelly.bandcamp.com/track/i-saw-your-face-today and send me your thoughts.

Note for you guitarists: The song in actually in F#m, so Capo 2 and follow the chord forms as indicated.

Chords and Lyrics

Verse 1:
[Em] I saw your [C/D] face today, [Bm] on my [D] display,
[Em] inviting [C/D] me to play as a [D] friend.
[Em] To check in [C/D] once in a while, [Bm] to tag your sweet sweet [D] smile,
[Em] Share all the [C/D] latest movies and [D]trends.Chorus:
[CM7] But I can’t [Bm] find you.
[CM7] You’re not with [Bm] me.
[CM7] You’re tucked in the [Bm] bed of my [Am7] memory.
[CM7] I can’t [Bm] find you.
[CM7] You’re just not [Bm] there
[CM7] There’s nothing [Bm] left for us to [D] shareVerse 2:
I saw your face today, beside a give-away,
It matched the blue dress you liked to wear
With just the cart to do, it’s like I’d be with you,
I could take you everywhere.Bridge by Kevin Kelly (© Kevin Kelly, 2017)Time is a judged being with future and past
That unsuccessfully hides its face
Until it needs to haunt
I know you’re there
I can see your face
You book time with me, or you book my time with you
Two directions of an illusion and what of an end
For that is the only thing that does not exist.
Not for you, not for me in the tralfamadore of time that we call being
We cease to be in the moment but it never ends.


from Histories, released March 3, 2015
The wonderful and thought provoking poetry written and performed by Kevin Kelly. (© Kevin Kelly, 2017)

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