Exireas – Abigail Peneater

Another character of note in the novel Exireas is Abigail “Abi” Peneater. She’s a fifty-five year old woman with long silver hair (Emmy-Lou Harris like). She’s a humanist, a patron of the arts and a political activist. At one point in her life she attempted to establish cell day, a global day to celebrate their essential diversity of our biological natures and to underscore our oneness with the earth. It was intended to divest people of abstract loyalties like nationalism, religious affiliation or ideological proclivities in favour of just being. It was not intended to replace nations or ideologies or even superstitions, but it was the ‘oneness’ that caught people’s attentions. She was viewed as revolutionary and banned by democracies and dictatorships alike.

(I remember my daughter coming home from a United Nations workshop in the 1990s, where a ground a students from many countries worked together to write a Bill of Rights for Children. She related to me how at one point they were discussing the potential for developing a common global currency. When UN officials got wind of the content, they promptly shut it down. I always wondered abut this. What is there that keeps humanity from appreciating its diversity cemented in oneness? Answer obvious or nuanced? Something to ponder, especially in this the Age of Stupidity with the likes of Trump and the wave of anti-globalism.)

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