Exireas – The Chapter Outline

Welcome To Exireas

The first draft of Exireas has been completed and now begins the task of copy and literary editing.

There are three things that accompany this project. First, a simple table of contents. Second, those contents depicted in a simple network diagram corresponding to the stages in a novel. Third, an algorithm to depict the story line (this has not been included in this blog since it would amount to a spoiler alert.

Be sure to follow this blog to keep up with the progress of this project.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: No

Chapter 2: The Seeg Foot

Chapter 3: Recovery

Chapter 4: Pest House

Chapter 5: Pick Box

Chapter 6: Eros

Chapter 7: Biomimetics

Chapter 8: The Door

Chapter 9: Choreography

Chapter 10: Consequences

Chapter 11: Ceilidh

Chapter 12: Deck

Chapter 13: Deployment

Chapter 14: Tin Rex

Chapter 15: Touchdown

Chapter 16: Drawbridge

Chapter 17: Handshake

Simple Network Diagram

... so far!

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