Never Again

November 11, 2018

I remember my short stint as a legion bartender in the early 1970s. The bar regularly filled with the kind of ardent characters you’d find in novels. Their horrifying storylines went back to the slaughters of the Great War, through the butcheries of the 40s, and on to the regional decimations of the 50s and 60s.

I often think about these people (men and women), about what they would say in a world of Trumpish vulgarity, with growing signs of international indignation, voter antipathy and what now appears to be a challenge to rational thinking.

Two of their phrases rang loud with me. They still do. “Lest we forget” appropriately recounted their stories. Today we see this remembrance emblazoned on almost all the artifacts of their experience. “Never again,” the second phrase, expressed the fervour of their wishes. For me this phrase seems less recognizable in our actions today.

So, to those amazing vets who’ve passed and to the new ones we’ve created, we remember, and may we better respect your wishes.

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