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‍Business Writing


‍This full-day course will appeal to those who need to develop their business acumen around clear and concise writing.The goal is to make it easy for the reader to read and understand your message. The workshop covers:

  • ‍• proper planning, considering the dynamics of communication channels, and the nature of the document (memo, letter, report or e-mail)
  • ‍• consistency of message and purpose, so the reader understands their next actions completely (using the magic QQTR formula)
  • ‍• editing techniques to optimize thought processes, avoid passive voicing, and employing simple punctuation and grammar principles to drive the message home
  • ‍• editing for redundancies, cliches, jargon, misused words, and abstract nouns
  • ‍• considerations for reader differences

‍Learning Objectives:

‍Participants will be able to keep the reader in mind by:

  • ‍• capturing and maintaining their interest 
  • ‍• creating a clear and concise understanding
  • ‍• editing for content and length
  • ‍• creating a template, complete with search tags, for easy referencing


‍Participants are invited to bring one sample of their writing of about 250-500 words (one half to one full, single-spaced page). They will engage in writing evaluations to be assessed by their peers and the facilitator. They will also participate in the Faultyless Towers simulation, and participate in a series of discussions designed to explore and practice the topics covered.


‍1 Day (a half-day version is also available.)

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