Socrates Warned Us

by Michael C Kelly 2023-06-23 I’m not a fan of Trudeau or any political party, but I’m bothered by the Trumpian antics of Poilievre, Ford, Danielle and the right. We need Canadian parties whose values do not imitate the devolving antics of our political brothers and sisters to the south. Instead, we need being and […]

Never Again

I remember my short stint as a Legion bartender in the early 1970s. I was young, a post-war kid, a member of a privileged generation that never had to face an opponent in a deadly battle. (The veterans I know today are older or younger than me.) In those days, many soldiers suffering from the […]

Emotional Air Miles

By Michael C Kelly, 2021 I’ll never forget one 2016 Saskatoon wedding. Gail and I were invited, along with Dot, my mother-in-law. Dot’s health had been declining. She suffered from poor vision, hearing loss, and Alzheimer’s. The wedding would be a festive affair, but we knew we would have an arduous journey. Two flights were […]

Where are the Workers of the World?

by Michael C Kelly When I was eight, my grandfather, Charles Latondress, took my brother and me on a tour of a grain ship. The boat was a monster, and my grandfather was a titan, best able to position the mighty beast through his ability to motivate action in others. He was a deck supervisor […]